We don’t have a mission.
We act out of conviction.

For almost 20 years we have been committed to the needs of brands and their products. With our hearts and our minds. We know where the other agencies are pitching and what is currently being hyped – but it’s not something we are particularly interested in. After all, the latest trends are usually not what help companies and brands to develop in the long run. That is why we consult and work within our clients’ system in a structured way. We independently place ourselves right in the midst of the organization, the products and the brand. On a daily basis we work on an equal footing with people to help them make their brands strong and desirable.

Or in simple terms – more successful.

Let’s not always talk about values.
Let’s be invaluable.

Everything that Vistapark has achieved to date has evolved from a central motivation: if our client is inspired by it, it inspires us too. That is our brand value, which makes us stand out from many other agencies. Maintaining a clear profile amidst the multitude of agencies out there is no easy task. Which is why we are proud that, together with our clients, we have succeeded in regularly reinventing ourselves, whilst always staying true to our core. This security for our clients is by no means a by-product.


Holistic approach
More efficiency +


We love 360° communication so much, we do it twice.

For us, the focus is on understanding our clients. That is decisive for long-lasting relations and successful communication. Logical – but not the norm. We have therefore specialized in “understanding” in order to “design” suitable solutions. Integrated and going beyond the disciplines of classic communication – the full 360°. And in doing so, we live and breathe the 360° views of our clients, along with their brands and products. But we take it all in, twice over. Quite simply, we call our principle: 720°. This is how we act more comprehensively and sustainably than many other agencies. And how we can offer companies in the sectors of architecture, home and lifestyle a high degree of assurance and security. As well as the communications solutions they need.

0° Brand-Core
360° Customer understanding
360° Communication

From comprehensively understanding our clients to comprehensive communication: thinking from the core, looking in all directions. With a portfolio of services that makes holistic marketing possible in the first place.


It’s not just about doing a job.
We prefer to work with a system.

Before we begin the creative process, we want to understand. To get to the bottom of everything, to know where the brand stands with its products and where its boundaries lie. To know how the client thinks and how far they are prepared to go. After all, today communication is everything. That’s how we think and plan in all channels. Always strategically and in the interests of the brand. From the product down to the interactive brand experience. We want to touch buyers on an emotional level, make them happy. That’s why we call our principle: LUCK – listen, understand, create, keep.


For us, listening forms the foundation of successful collaboration. Only then can we understand the goals and wishes of our clients. We therefore focus with all our senses and recognize the importance of every insight.


Understanding is our basis – across all boundaries. This is why we always think across the line, going beyond disciplines and deartments. In an interdisciplinary way, from the brand to the product.


Creation is our passion. We consult strategically and develop creative solutions that fit. And are constantly optimizing and developing along with our clients and projects. In both analog and digital form.


Security is sexy and just as important for us as good creation. This is why we always think and act sustainably and in the interests of the brand and the people managing it.

We’re not managers. 
We’re people who make things happen.

Managing Director

Becoming an entrepreneur was a decision he made with his mind, heart and gut instinct. As a designer and strategist with over 20 years of experience, Arndt knows that clients need not only good ideas, but also an agency they can really trust. And that’s what he stands for personally, with all the risks and opportunities that entails.

Managing Director

As an architect Evelyn knows that anything built to last needs a solid foundation. A champion of two and three-dimensional communication, she creates solutions and new paths. And she is always very much hands-on in her mission of ensuring the business continues to develop for everyone involved.


vistapark group
Owner-managed design
and communications
agency group

Arndt Johannes
Evelyn Lauer

Client support
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We don’t have clients. 
We have partners. 

The brand is everything. But it doesn’t fall from the sky. It is built up over time. It consists of thousands of ideas, plans and details. It has a story. And its story is written every day anew – by people within the company who are passionate in everything they do. These are the people we work with. Partners, with whom we successfully develop and design together over the years. Shaping the future.

As well as building long-standing customer relations, we have completed a number of exciting projects and tasks for noteworthy companies and brands since our agency was established. Not only do our clients profit from this, but their customers do too.

Clients / References

Awards are very nice. 
But they’re not everything. 

The way we think and act is always customer-oriented. Even though this doesn’t score us any extra points at awards ceremonies. Which makes us all the more delighted that our efforts are still rewarded. Together with our clients. Over the years we have received more than 100 significant design awards. This is testimony to our willingness to try new things, as well as to our high demands on design.

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